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SexQuest/The Sex Institute, the first national organization to focus on and promote the inherently healthy and positive nature of human sexuality, is a private, educational consulting group made up of professionals with advanced degrees in human sexuality education, counseling, and research. It was founded by Raymond J. Noonan, Ph.D., in Philadelphia in 1975 and moved to New York City in 1980. The Sex Institute’s Focus on AIDS and the Future program was conceived to provide a positive link between the present reality and mythology of AIDS—and other potentially negative aspects of sexual expression that have contaminated our collective awareness of sexuality—with a more hopeful view toward the future. In 1996, SexQuest became the Internet voice of the Sex Institute on the World Wide Web. Composed of several different facets described below, SexQuest/The Sex Institute seeks to provide realistic solutions for living a healthy, happy, and responsible life filled with joy and pleasure in one’s intimate relationships.

The Sex Institute / Focus on AIDS and the Future

Through the Sex Institute, we offer programs for other professionals and organizations who require in-depth training on issues related to sexuality. Our experts can design a program tailored to your specific needs on a variety of topics. We will work with educational, medical, mental health, and community organizations, as well as with government or private institutions, or individual practitioners who wish to have specialized training for working with the sexual needs of various patient or client populations—or with the general public. We will also work with corporations who wish to develop programs for their employees on some of the important topics with which many companies are now concerned. Programs can range from one-hour presentations to full-day or several-day seminars or workshops.

Our speakers bureau has individuals who can speak on virtually any topic related to human sexuality. If you would like a speaker for your company, organization, or group, let us know your area of interest and we can provide trained individuals with expertise in the subject to speak on your program.

The Sex Institute also develops—and can work with you to develop, specific to your needs—educational materials related to human sexuality. In preparation are several books on diverse topics, including reports on recent sex research and our vision for what needs to be done in the new millennium. A new publication, Pro-Sex Connections—a quarterly newsletter dedicated to maintaining positive sexual attitudes in a climate in which sexuality and American rights are under assault, is being planned for some time in the future, although we are having difficulty getting it off the ground (see the notice below seeking submissions). It is intended for any interested adult reader and is included in membership in the Pro-Sex Forum.

The Institute is also developing the music-video-like Sixty Seconds of Sane Sex, a series of one-minute video spots, adaptable to radio, to more widely disseminate through television and the media the Institute’s original, rational, and positive “Sane Sex” approach to imparting healthy and responsible attitudes and information about human sexuality to our young people and others. The series is based on the “Sane Sex Alternative,” a comprehensive sexuality education program developed by our director, Dr. Raymond J. Noonan, and introduced in a chapter of the book Does Anyone Still Remember When Sex Was Fun? Positive Sexuality in the Age of AIDS, which he co-authored and edited through three editions.

In 1996, SexQuest was developed to better utilize the vast potential of the Internet/World Wide Web. A vibrant name that symbolizes our active mission of promoting positive attitudes toward sexuality, SexQuest suggests a variety of other meanings as well, which we hope will epitomize all of our diverse activities which include education and research. Central to all of our goals is our newest project: the Sexual Health Initiative. Introduced by SexQuest/Sex Institute director Raymond J. Noonan, Ph.D., in November, 1993, at a national meeting of professional sexologists, the Sexual Health Initiative proposed that we begin addressing immediately the problems that affect us all. These problems include the ordinary sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and the need for more effective, safe, and convenient contraceptives. He argued that our collective failure to adequately address these issues in the past is the reason that more serious problems like AIDS have become so potent today. Details of the Sexual Health Initiative can be found in the third edition of Dr. Noonan’s book, Does Anyone Still Remember When Sex Was Fun? Positive Sexuality in the Age of AIDS, and will be highlighted at this Web site in the near future.

The Sex Institute does not currently offer services directly to the public (except for the Pro-Sex Forum, the book, and the Web site). We are developing a counseling and therapy program to be announced at a later date, an online computer bulletin board, and are considering a proposed 900-number sex information hotline.


SexQuest/The Sex Institute is actually made up of several projects, each concerned with specific aspects of human sexuality and its many forms of expression. A brief description of each follows.

The Alternative Marriage and Relationship Council of the United States (AMRCUS) focuses on the great diversity of sexual lifestyle options available today. The primary focus of AMRCUS is on heterosexual marriage and relationships, both non-traditional and traditional, non-monogamous and monogamous, and their myriad other alternative forms, and on traditional, non-traditional, and non-nuclear family structures. We also address structurally similar options within the bisexual and homosexual lifestyles.

In other areas, the Consortium for Sex Research in Space and the Future (CSRSF) is the Sex Institute’s think-tank for alternative futures studies related to sexuality within a futuristic context. The Institute is also affiliated with the Eastern Surrogates Association (ESA), and can provide information to professionals regarding the use of partner surrogates in sex therapy.


Fees are individually determined for each program and are dependent upon the nature of the program and the amount of preparation, time, travel, and staff required to conduct it. An initial consultation, by appointment, costs $100 in which we discuss with you your needs and goals, and the possible presentations we might make. Preliminary initial information may be exchanged at no charge via e-mail.


Writers Wanted for Pro-Sex Connections

If you have something to say—from your own personal or professional experiences or things you’ve seen in the media—about how sexuality is being portrayed as unnecessarily and/or irrationally negative and destructive—or how sexuality is being more positively and unexpectedly viewed—contact Dr. Ray Noonan by e-mail at SexQuest/The Sex Institute. Other subjects might include thoughtful insights into how you or someone you know are coping with antisexualism—and making their sexuality a healthy and positive part of their lives.


Check Out These Recent Books of Note with Contributions by Dr. Ray Noonan,
Founder and Director of SexQuest/The Sex Institute

 Click on the button to buy it!  Click here to buy it!  New! Volume 4 of the International Encyclopedia of Sexuality (IES4), including 17 new countries and places, Robert T. Francoeur, Ph.D., Editor, and Raymond J. Noonan, Ph.D., Associate Editor, published in May 2001 by Continuum International Publishing Group: Includes my chapter on “Outer Space,” which highlights cross-cultural sexuality issues that will have an impact on the human future in space, based partly on my dissertation. For the table of contents or more information, see the IES4 Web site:, including supplemental chapters available only on the Web. Order from!

 Click on the button to buy it!  Click here to buy it! “The Impact of AIDS on Our Perception of Sexuality” and “Sex Surrogates: The Continuing Controversy,” in Robert T. Francoeur’s Sexuality in America: Understanding Our Sexual Values and Behavior, published in August 1998 by Continuum Publishing Co. This new book contains an updated version of the chapter on the United States contained in the International Encyclopedia of Sexuality, Vol. 3 (in the set below). Now available in paperback at!

 Click on the button to buy it!  Click here to buy it! Two articles in Robert T. Francoeur’s International Encyclopedia of Sexuality, published in August 1997 by Continuum Publishing Co.: “The Impact of AIDS on Our Perception of Sexuality” and “Sex Surrogates: The Continuing Controversy” in the United States chapter in volume 3, and additional comments (with Sandra Almeida) in the chapter on Brazil in volume 1. Encourage your library to purchase this three-volume, 1737-page set—the most comprehensive cross-cultural survey of sexuality in 33 countries ever published. Order from

 Click on the button to buy it!  Click here to buy it! “The Psychology of Sex: A Mirror from the Internet,” in Jayne Gackenbach’s Psychology and the Internet: Intrapersonal, Interpersonal and Transpersonal Implications, published by Academic Press in October 1998. Visit the publisher to see the table of contents and more information, then come back here and order it from

 Click on the button to buy it!  Click here to buy it! The third edition of the book, Does Anyone Still Remember When Sex Was Fun? Positive Sexuality in the Age of AIDS, 3rd edition, edited by Peter B. Anderson, Diane de Mauro, & Raymond J. Noonan, published by Kendall/Hunt in September 1996. Click here for more information about the book.

The latest on positive sexuality from the first book to address the issue: For anyone concerned about the increasingly negative ways in which sex is being portrayed in public life—and who wants to do something positive about it.

Now out of print, but available soon in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format! However, used copies might be available at
See also:
R. J. Noonan. (1998). A Philosophical Inquiry into the Role of Sexology in
Space Life Sciences Research and Human Factors
Considerations for Extended Spaceflight
For information, see Dr. Ray Noonan’s Dissertation Information Pages:
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Dr. Ray Noonan’s Dissertation Information Pages:
[Abstract] [Table of Contents] [Preface] [AsMA 2000 Presentation Abstract]

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